Thursday, October 01, 2009

Coffee Wars, Northeastern Edition

I work near Northeastern and the Ruggles Dunkin Donuts used to be a regular stop for me until a couple weeks ago when Peets opened up on the corner of Columbus and Tremont. I tried their coffee for the first time and fell in love. The price is comparable to Dunks but the quality is 100 times better. Yet the Ruggles Dunkin Donuts is more convenient on my way to work.

This morning I started thinking about this conundrum. One other factor in the Dunks Peets war (in my head) is that it looks like Dunks lost half their workforce since they only have one window open and lines stretch across Ruggles. And it looks like they lost the good half of their workforce since the line is held up most of the time by wrong orders. So, Peets wins - even though sadly the Tremont location doesn't accept Peet cards. Seriously people, try their pumpkin spice latte or, if you have a sweet tooth, white chocolate mocha. LOVE!

I suck at MS Paint.

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