Monday, November 09, 2009

MBTA Kindred Spirit

Saturday, I went into Boston to attend a comedy show. It was one of those days where I felt really lethargic and the only reason why I dragged myself out of my apartment was because the ticket was really expensive and people had already backed out of my group to go. BTW, if you back out of a group event, do not pay and/or do not find a person to take the ticket you are a douche of the highest order in my opinion.

So basically, I just threw on some jeans, a random top, and minimal makeup. At Park St, I helped a woman figure out which green line she needed to take. It's so funny how minor nice gestures can help brighten your day and lift your mood. This woman was going to the same show I was going to and she is seriously an awesome person! We didn't stop gabbing until we got to the Arena. We live in the same area, watch the same movies, and both had to drag our butts out to Boston. Also, she won me over forever by complimenting me left and right. Apparently, I look barely 28, have awesome skin and hair. Plus, I appear approachable and nice. Her? She told me her age and I totally didn't believe it, she's smart, funny, and a positive person. I am STILL chuckling over some of our conversation! I got to the comedy show, felt awesome, and had a great time. Linda from Weymouth, you are like human anti-depressant walking amongst us.

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