Monday, November 09, 2009

Comedy Tonight

Nov. 7 was the 10th Comics Come Home comedy show I have attended. Here are the highs and lows:

Jimmy Fallon - I am not a huge fan of his usually but I was impressed with his comedy set! Lots of music and impressions. He left the douchey stoner schtick behind thank goodness
Whitney Cummings - OMG a FEMALE comedian! She is the second one at Comics Come home in 10 years. She kicked all kinds of ass too. Lots of relationship and sex jokes but in a new way. Maybe Comics Come Home will be less of a schlong-fest thanks to her success?
Adam Ferrara - you can always depend on him for good laughs. Has never let me down over the years. He has moved away from relationship comedy to situational and his routine is more solid for it.
Patrice Oneal - This guy is AMAZING! He has been the highlight of the show for the past couple of years. I'm totally on board with his idea for Sexual Harrassment Day at work. My face and stomach hurt after his set.

Denis Leary - his comedy is not aging well. First off, he did a lot of his stuff from No Cure for Cancer which is over a decade old, right? Also 20 minutes of fat jokes was lame and lazy comedy. Maybe his comedy chops aren't recession-proof?
Jeffrey Ross - this guy really need to stick with Comedy Central roasts because that is the only venue where he's funny. Imagine his insult humor but with no one being roasted and that was his set at Comics Come Home. Blech!

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