Friday, November 13, 2009

Rasputin's Girlfriend

When I moved into my apartment, I knew my downstairs neighbors had a cat. I saw her in the window when I first visited the house. I also knew that the apartments have baseboard heating.

Rasputin and I have been in the apartment for over a month and we've settled in fairly well. But one of his odd behaviors had been a mystery to me until last night. Rasputin randomly wanders off in the apartment and starts meowing really loudly during the night. I usually call to him and if that doesn't work, I check his food and/or litter box. Both are usually fine. So, what the hell Ras?

I bumped into my downstairs neighbor last night and I asked him if his cat is going crazy. He told me yes and described the loud meowing to a T. It turns out both cats are meowing to each other through the baseboard heating system! Which makes sense since Rasputin always yowls in front of the baseboard. So, we discussed arranging a meeting between our cats some weekend. We're thinking of using crates at first just in case. Aww... Rasputin has a girlfriend!

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