Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Actual NYE Plans!

For the first time in what feels like eons, I have plans for New Years Eve! No more sitting alone watching the ball drop while I sip champagne alone - awesome. I am seeing Ryan MontBleu here. Stage freaking One, people! The seating chart looks awesome. A bunch of my friends and I are crashing here. This plan only came together last week and I love that I can still pick up and go when I please. Also, I had never heard of Ryan Montbleu but when good people like music, it's usually good music!

Over the years, I have debated back and forth whether I am spontaneous or not. I have decided that I can be spontaneous if there's some kind of idea what I'm doing. Is that an oxymoron? You have to understand that I grew up in a family where I could never be spontaneous and usually got punished for trying to be more relaxed. I could not have friends over unless I got the okay from both parents beforehand. I would not be picked up unless I was already standing outside ready. I had to pick a time to complete my chores Sunday. So, planning and being very rigid = pain and misery in my experience. But that has trained me today in my life. Usually, I try to be 180 degrees opposite no matter how uncomfortable it makes me because God forbid that I allow my upbringing to turn me into a humorless shrew! I do sincerely love drop by visits and will pick anyone up anytime they roughly estimate that they're ready. I can go days without doing the dishes but I hit a day (usually Sunday) when I get so distracted by the dirty dishes that I set a time to clean them. I still do only call for pickups when I am ready and outside though... Baby steps, right?

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