Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010 - Woohoo!

My wonderful New Years plans were cancelled due to the snow storm that A) blew in earlier in the day than predicted and B) made driving conditions very, very bad (hi Mr. Plow enjoying your vacation, huh?) Yeah, I kinda wanted to start 2010 alive rather than in a snowbank with a broken neck. So I crashed at a friends place and met an awesome tortoiseshell kitty named Ally. Pun totally intended there.

The week back to work so far has been really awful. My brain is not in work mode and I cannot count the number of reports I sent out riddled with errors. Also, since a co-worker quit, I am the only one in the department working month-end so basically the last two days have been frustrating, stressful, and made me pretty upset. So, here is to my resolution to salvage this week, kick ass on month-end reporting and triple-check everything I send out - even if there's a looming deadline.

I'm really digging these two and this video is perfect for the post-holiday recovery. Enjoy!

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