Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2 of the New Year, Hopefully Better Than 1

Last week was pretty terrible. It started out with really bad back pain where it hurt to sit, to stand, and to walk. So the only pain free moment of my day was when I was lying down. The last time I had pain this bad was when I herniated a disc 12 years ago so needless to say I was very worried. But I kept my hypo anxiety at bay by looking up back exercises. I am able to do a couple in the morning and Alleve really helps. So, just by taking those steps I knew it wasn't a disc problem. With disc pain, nothing touches the pain. So, I knew I could handle muscle pain! Today, I have been able to sit down, stand, and walk fairly pain free (a twinge here and there) without Alleve. Hurrah for getting better and using logic to handle my anxiety!

Also, last Friday I wound up having a full-on crying jag at work in front of co-workers. I was upset and worried about stuggling with month end finance reports. I hated not being perfect and having to have my hand held. Granted, it was the first time I have run the reports but I'm Super Anna and I need to be awesome at everything I do! Uh huh, says who, right? Luckily, I have very awesome co-workers who were kind and supportive. I was worried about being embarrassed today but that didn't happen. I just kept my ego in check and made sure I listened and learned while I was helped on the last of the reports. They went out today - phew!

Since I was having an awful day last Friday, I booked a massage here. That was the best decision! My masseuse was amazing and I felt so healed and connected afterwards. A big thumbs up for this place. They're easy to get to, have great staff, plentiful parking, and the prices are very good. Also, you have to fill out a questionaire for your massage so that's a sign of a good legit place.

I also have to get back on the wagon for healthy eating and getting back in shape. This week I will be checking out local gyms. Also this week, I will have a lovely Executive Transvestite cheering me up:

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