Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Career Wear Intervention

I know that my work clothes are lacking for the job hunt. But when I had an interview in Beacon Hill yesterday and was sitting with a wonderfully put together job applicant, I felt like an old dish rag.

I only have one suit jacket and two pairs of black work pants. One pair is perennially covered in cat hair no matter how often I lint brush them. The second pair is too big for me and winds up falling off me after a couple hours. I also am lacking on layering shirts/camis. I have two pairs of button down shirts with button holes a tad too big so I often glance down and see that I'm flashing passersby. I also hate suit jackets because I feel like a linebacker stuffed into one.

Darn it, I guess I have to go clothes shopping for my job search darn it. Some pictures for inspiration...

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