Monday, March 08, 2010

Recruiter Run Around

Two weeks ago I was contacted by a recruiter for a position that I wasn't qualified for. How did I figure out that I wasn't qualified? The first line under requirements. I let the recruiter know via email that I wouldn't fit. Her response was a request for interview availability. It turns out that the first line under requirements was moot. So, why was it in the job description? After a very confusing round of emails back and forth where she kept responding to 3 emails ago, I wound up with a phone screen interview scheduled. Yet she didn't let me know if I should wait for a call or call in.

Guess what? I was totally stood up for this interview. The recruiter used the phrase "my bad" when explaining the mix up (aka total waste of my time). The job sounds really interesting but I have never been treated so poorly as a potential new hire. Seriously, who uses "my bad" as professional terminology? Why yank me around for weeks? Luckily, this recruiter hasn't been the norm for me. Overall, I have had very considerate and professional people contact me for open positions.

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