Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Love Eyeliner Now!

For years, I haven't worn eyeliner because A) My hands are too shaky to apply a good straight line, B) My eyes are incredibly twitchy when touched, and C) I had no lessons or technique to apply it. Most of my cousins have rocked awesome eyeliner looks for years and I have been SO JEALOUS! My eyes are an amazing color so of course I wanted to highlight them.

Last week, I decided to look for video tutorials online for eyeliner. This is the first one I watched. That had a bunch of great tips and diagrams plus having a shaky hand is not such a handicap if you do small pen-strokes. This is the second video I checked out. I liked all the product tips and her website is pretty amazing!

Thanks to these videos and my leftover Mary Kay samples, I have been rocking a pretty awesome lined eye for the past week. I have just been using pencil. Maybe next week I can move onto cream? I bought this a couple months ago and have used it just for a smudged smoky eye:

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Noora said...

I love eyeliner but my hands are always too shaky :) Thanks for the video tutorials :)