Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Passover Shopping Report Card

I had no idea how spoiled I was growing up in Needham and living 8 years in Waltham. Shopping for Passover was a breeze (kinda - my mom got my first shank bone). Needham has two major grocery stores; Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms. Both always have Jewish holiday foods at reasonable prices. Waltham has a ton of grocery stores but the ones I frequented had a pretty admirable selection. Hannafords on Main Street had entire aisles for Passover. I guess it helped that the store is across the street from a temple. Shaws on Lexington Street had excellent products and shank bone availability.

Down here in Quincy? Passover shopping has been a complete chore. Stop and Shop advertised free shank bones in their circular but when I tried to pick one up, the butcher told me they didn't have any. Their kosher aisle is stocked full of past due products. Hey ma, I got food poisoning at a Passover seder. Dayeinu! I was wondering if any South Shore Jews could give me tips on where to shop for next year? If it's crappy all around, I'll just drive to Needham and do my shopping.

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Anonymous said...

Did you try the Hannaford in either Quincy or Norwell? When I lived in Quincy I recall seeing a lot of Passover stuff.