Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I Have a Job - Kinda...

This week I started a 4 week contract job at a Boston hospital. It's budget time so I'm going Excel crazy collecting data, updating formulas and formatting in Excel 2007. All my old handy shortcuts and menu options are gone damn it! Thank goodness, I can customize my own toolbar - eat it "ribbon"!

I knew I would love this job ever since my interview with the hiring manager. He is a hoot and a half. Most of the interview was him telling me management horror stories with the moral of the stories being "they got fired." Also, we got to geek out about Excel. One plus I learned about Excel 2007 is that the whole 6900 line limit is gone. That? Impressed me. Actually working in Excel 2007? Not so much.

My first day (yesterday) was a fire hose of information. Luckily, my manager saw me going cross-eyed and told me to go grab coffee at Dunks. Yes, he is an awesome manager! There is one other person in the department. He's a recent grad who really knows his stuff and is incredibly helpful. Between the both of us, we got a ton of work done on the first day assembling the budget report package. Plus, there is a checklist on a share drive - another testament to the manager's awesomeness. Give me a checklist and a job, you'll have a happy girl.

Oh yeah, ironically, on my first week of temployment, the unemployment office approved my claim and paid me a month's worth of benefits! It is going to be so nice to be swimming in money... Yeah, yeah, I am paying off credit cards and socking away savings - Mr. and Mrs. Buzzkill. But a couple new pairs of shoes wouldn't hurt, right?

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