Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 117

I have been unemployed for quite a while, huh? Thank goodness for that temp gig that broke up the monotony and hopelessness! My rejection rate is about 7%. Applications that have gone into the abyss is 87%. Actual interviews are 5%. I have 8 staffing firms looking for a job for me. The fear hasn't set in yet since I figured out my unemployment will last until the end of September and I haven't had to use any extensions. Then I can go to Tier I which is 20 weeks. Tier II is 14 weeks. Tier III is 13 weeks. But I have read that these extensions are only good until December 31, 2010. So I'll just use up Tier I.*

I have been fairly focused on applying for any analyst jobs that I am qualified for. Since that title-centric search isn't panning out, and I read this article, I have been sending out my resume without my MBA information for a wider array of positions. Maybe that can swing my interview rate up?

I am also flailing a bit about career plans. One day, I think pursuing a PhD sounds great. The next day, I am researching about how to become a voice-over artist. I wish I had a calling darn it. Every job I have had was just about paying the bills. Some wound up being more enjoyable than others but nothing spoke to me as something I want to do for the rest of my life. Another career flail is going to school to become a Rabbi.

Being unemployed for so long isn't like a really long vacation. Sure, it felt like that for the first couple of months. Sleeping in, getting to do anything you wanted during the day... But the more out of sync you are from all the regular working people, the more isolated you feel. TGIF has no meaning to the unemployed. Why am I still guzzling down coffee? It's not like I have to keep myself awake for a presentation or a meeting. Speaking of Starbucks' light frappucinos are awesome and only 140 calories. I could also work for the FBI...

As a wrap up, I felt pretty hopeless and anxious lately but dumbing down my resume made me feel like I have other avenues to explore. Unfortunately most of the local job fairs have had horrible companies attending (AFLAC, Lia Sophia jewelry etc.) I have actually been eyeing grocery store help wanted signs lately. It's important for me to do as much as possible to find a job and not to rule out any possibilities (which means letting go of some ego/snobbery issues).

*EDIT: I can't go onto any tiers unless the Senate approves the emergency unemployment extension. MA's Scott Brown voted against the extension. Feel free to express your outrage to him.

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Anonymous said...

I am wondering if I should do the same thing, leave my MBA and post grad certification off. I have a temp job now but I'd like to permanent, and a lot of times I find people think I'm overqualified for jobs I'd actually take because of my education. I might try it :)