Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Love/Hate Relationship with Summer

I'd like to start off with the things I like about summer. Swimming - beaches, pools or lakes. There is nothing nicer than feeling the cool water against skin. I also like the squish of wet sand under my feet. I love all summer fruits especially melons. Ice cream is really satisfying on hot days too. I also like people's open schedules thanks to vacation time.

This chart explains my #1 reason to hate summer:

Basically, I am a ghost skin pigment-wise, on the chart I'm I. My dad on the other hand is III or IV. Why did that gene have to skip me damn it?!? I have acted like I am a bronze goddess as I grew up, unfortunately. I used coconut oil to tan, I didn't use water-proof lotion while wearing a black bathing suit which resulted in first degree burns on my shoulders. I am so on the Expressway to Skin Cancer. I wish all this awareness would help me to avoid sunburns but something always gets screwed up.

Of course, the other thing I hate about the summer are muggy hot days like this last week. I hate it when its so humid breathing takes a lot of effort. I am lucky now that I live by the sea so nights cool down nicely. Though some nights it smells like steaming rotten seaweed.

The hot weather also makes me battle my green eco friendly guilt with cranking up the AC to 11. I absolutely hate how much electricity I wind up using on hot days for environmental and fiscal reasons. If I'm up around 3:00AM, I usually try to turn off the AC and get by with a fan. I also try to swap off fan usage whenever I use the microwave or washer/dryer. Sadly guilt doesn't keep me cool.

I will leave you with some examples of how I am the complete opposite of an olive skinned goddess.

A couple years ago after swimming in Fairhaven in August.

Sunburn from just driving.

I am still recovering from this burn. It has been 3 weeks

Some sunburn tips: spray on sport sun lotion works really well but remember to rub it in and reapply often. Also, if you get a scalp burn don't brush or wash your hair for a couple of days. Plus, if your scalp is a wreck, a dollop of olive oil rubbed into the scalp helps. If you are burned clear aloe gel is the way to go also a bodywash with moisturizing oils helps (I like Oil of Olay body ribbons).

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