Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doing the Work

For those of you who haven't tried therapy, there are several kinds of approaches. My first long-term therapist basically sat and listened then allowing me to make connections and reflect on what I have been saying. It was a fairly passive therapy. My new therapist is a lot more interactive and I think he is doing cognitive behavioral therapy. That is a lot more work on the patients part. I find it half liberating and half exhausting. Some of the stuff I discover is just so darn obvious and I laugh that I didn't see it. Or some stuff I wind up crying about on the way home.

Today, I picked up a book I bought eons ago called Getting the Love You Want. I wanted to re-read it because I'm lending it to a friend this week. I bought it a couple years ago because Oprah was raving about it and it sounded interesting. I got 3 chapters in, felt upset and ate a ton of ice cream. Talk about eating your feelings! Well, at least I have something good to talk about for my session this week. I think what upset me is that the book talks about how through childhood wounding our personalities learn to adapt and a part of our true selves dies. Plus, that we instinctively seek out mates with the same positive and negative traits as our parents because our subconscious wants to fix childhood pain. So I got upset. Also, Turkey Hill's Southern Lemon Pie ice cream is AMAZING!

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