Sunday, August 01, 2010

Becoming a Gamer Girl

Since I bought a Wii last month and already own a Nintendo DSi, I decided to try out a subscription to Gamefly (basically Netflix for games). Here are my reviews of the games I've tried:

Wii Sports - included with my wii console. Hours of fun and a good intro to the whole MotionPlus remote. I kick ass at boxing.

Wii Sports Resort - also included with the console. I loved all the new sports and it's a good workout too. I haven't gone through every sport but basketball and fencing are my strengths.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (DS) - it was a cute game and the puzzles were really hard at times! It got me interested enough that I'm checking out the prequel game, Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

Sims 2 Castaway (wii) - the game really stunk on the wii platform. The game itself is pretty dumb anyways but the juggling between the nunchuk and remote for certain actions is frustrating as hell.

Boom Blox (wii) - it looks pretty but becomes boring really quickly. Progressing through levels by knocking things over isn't exactly riveting.

Cake Mania (wii) - this has crummy graphics and overall story but my God, it is insanely addictive! It's like Diner Dash but with custom cakes. The cooperative levels are the most fun. My mom and I played it five hours straight without blinking. Layered cakes are the devil. I will probably buy this.

Brain Age (DS) - my first DS game and a lot of fun plus frustration. I like the Sudoku games and the various training modules. My brain was 81 when I first played and after weeks of continuous playing, I was down to 36.

Mario Kart (DS) - SO MUCH FUN in two player mode. Luigi is my guy. Princess and Bowser suck.

Animal Crossing: City Folk (wii) - what sounded cool turned into lame and boring. A game where you can design your own home and make money (aka bells) sounded good. But after scrolling through screen after screen of dialogue with other characters, it soon becomes monotonous. Oh yeah, making money and designing is all hindered by the one store owner who swindles you. Thumbs down.

Fossil Fighters (DS) - I am insanely addicted to this game. I think it taps into my childhood love of dinosaurs and also my dream of being an archaeologist. I love the excavating and fossil cleaning with the dinosaur fighting as a side attraction. The graphics aren't top notch but it's really easy to get sucked in.

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