Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jobs and Wazoo

Life has been going oddly well ever since Homecoming weekend! I interviewed for two jobs last week. Yup, that's right T-W-O! That's more jobs I have interviewed for in 6 months. One job is a temp position and another is a perm job downtown that is completely up my alley and can pay me a good salary. Let's call that position Dream Job.

I got the temp job and I will be starting November 1. It is supposed to be a 6 month gig but without giving too much away about where this job is located, I really really hope Questions 1 and 3 do not pass. You, the voter, can help with job creation/maintenance!

Dream job asked me immediately after my phone interview to come in for a face to face. That interview is this afternoon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and on the up side, at least I have the temp job as a safety. Everything about this job seems blessed. I was asked for a phone interview the same day I submitted my resume. It's either a blessing or they are desperate but who cares? It is encouraging and I don't feel completely unhirable. I am still going to pursue CPA certification by taking accounting certificate courses to buff up my MBA background.

I'm turning 34 in November and it would be nice to have a job around that time. Man, I can't believe I am entering my mid-thirties! I don't feel that age at all - actually I have to stop and think when someone asks how old I am. Anyways, send me some good vibes today and regardless, I am doing really good!

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