Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Should Take a Self-Defense Course

On my way home from job interview #2, some psycho on the T started shouting at me to get off at the Broadway stop or he would put me in the hospital. He was sitting across from me and there were about a handful of people around who heard him.

I started thinking that I should move away from him but my gut told me that if I reacted in any way, he'd "win". Since my gut kept me in my seat, I looked up and down the car and picked out a couple guys who might back me up if things got violent.

I also started remembering some stuff from my Tae Kwon Do class so I shifted the way I was sitting so I could move quickly and got my fists ready to punch in case. I also had to pump up my adrenaline so I let every fear and anxiety wash through me so I was hyped up to defend myself.

Just before the train got to my stop, psycho got up and sat next to me. Other options popped in my head like using my cell phone to take a picture of him so I could report him to T security but my gut told me that that would be considered escalation and I might not get out of it unharmed.

We got to my stop with no incident and I allowed myself one impulse move. I got off the train, he remained seated and I looked at him filled with all the hate I have for violent psycho men.

Of course, all that adrenaline ebbing out of me meant I cried all the way home. I also kept second guessing every decision I made. I didn't want to be the chick who is asked in her hospital bed, "Why didn't you do X?" Also, I kept remembering those Oprah episodes about attack survivors who told their stories and how no one came to help them in a public place even though they were screaming for help.

Now, I am just mad as hell. Who the hell was this guy and how dare he threaten me? Doesn't he know that no man has ever put me in a hospital? Yeah, I need a self-defense course stat!

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Anonymous said...

I have been a T rider for my whole life although the last couple of years not so much. I had one guy in the morning try to push past me, when I found a seat he continued to rant at me for taking his seat. He was a psycho and made me nervous. I'm talking crowded Orange Line in the morning, no one did anything to try to subdue him, just stood by while he harassed me. It was not a nice experience, let me tell you...