Friday, November 12, 2010

My Birthday is November 22

Which means that I share my birthday with Scarlett Johansson, Mariel Hemingway, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rodney Dangerfield, Terry, Gilliam, Benjamin Britten, Marie Guise, and Abigail Adams. Pretty cool company, huh? I'm history nerding out on the last two.

On my birth-date in history, Tutankhamun's tomb was opened, Lebanon gained independence,JFK, CS Lewis, and Aldous Huxeley all died (same day and year).

I am also a Sagittarius/Scorpio cusp, aka Cusp of Revolution, which means:
-- Possess the emotionally deep traits inherent in Scorpio --
-- Possess the intuitive and freedom-loving traits inherent in Sagittarius --
-- Tend to rebel against authority --
-- Prone to do best in self-employed situations --
-- Apt to be be somewhat wild during youth --
-- Need to follow the personal vision of life but not lose touch with other people --
-- Need to try and be more forgiving and less possessive --

Notable Scorpio/Sagittarius Cuspians Include:
Martin Luther; Indira Ghandi; Robert F. Kennedy; Goldie Hawn; and William Bonney a/k/a Billy the Kid

In the Chinese zodiac, I am a fire dragon. Which means "Dragon people are the most eccentric in the Chinese Zodiac. They listen to their own drummer, thank you very much, while the rest of the world stands in amazement."

Famous Dragon People: Ringo Starr, Edward Heath, Dr. Seuss, John Lennon, Harold Wilson, Helen Keller, Pearl S. Buck, Salvador Dali, Francois Mitterrand, Hosni Mubarek, Maya Angelou.

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