Friday, December 03, 2010

Awesome Hanukkah Gift

For the past two weeks I have been interviewing for a temp position at a downtown firm. I thought it was good kismet that my first interview was on my birthday. Since that initial interview, I have had three other interviews. The last one was just on the phone. I had the above image on my computer screen as I spoke to the hiring manager. I came up with the idea thanks to a wonderful healing and relaxing massage on Wednesday. Seriously, the masseuse is like a spiritual shrink! So, I followed her advice. I went to bed imagining myself with the job and put out into the universe that I wanted the job.


Details will be forthcoming. I know I need to go through a CORI check. It's in an industry that I have no background in so the learning curve will be steep - which will be so fun! I do know the pay is amazing and that is a nice relief. I'll be back downtown which will be fun.

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