Monday, January 17, 2011

5 Pounds

Weight Watchers online is going really well! I like the Points Plus program and all the online tracking tools. Also, since I'm a numbers gal, I like budgeting points for my meals. I am pretty horrible about fruits and veggies but kick ass on water on workdays.

Years ago, I did the regular Weight Watchers with weigh-ins and meetings. Man, I hated every second and I didn't lose much weight. The meetings were the worst. There was one lady who loved to list out all the foods she didn't eat and how she totally isolated herself from her family to stick to Weight Watchers. She basically got off on being a weight martyr. Another woman wasted meeting time asking points values for random foods. So, obviously the whole experience was a chore. Maybe with a better meeting leader, I would have enjoyed the meetings? I also didn't like the machinations for weigh-ins I resorted to. I tried to make sure I wore the same exact clothes each week and had no food in my stomach. Which is probably why I found meetings to be a pain in the ass since my stomach was grumbling and my blood sugar was really low.

This time around, a lot more is under my control plus I get to avoid the weight loss crazies. Also, the cool thing is that if you're good about tracking, you can basically eat whatever you want within your points limit (plus weekly surplus). It's not about denial and food martyrdom, it's about portion control and doing math. With this new attitude, I was able to lose 5lbs in two weeks! I just can't wait until the gym clears out thanks to all the resolution quitters - who won't be me.

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