Friday, January 14, 2011

The Red Line, The Decline

I have gone back to being a MBTA commuter for my job this past month. As a temp, there really is no other alternative for commuting to work. In the past month, the red line has had more problems than I have ever encountered in years past. At least twice a week, there is a dead train or technical issue. It has gotten so bad that I check the MBTA alert system before leaving home/work and by the time I get to a T station, something has gone haywire. When there is a problem, it means I am 30 – 40 minutes late because I have to wait for the 3rd train to be able to squeeze myself onto the trolley. I have tried adjusting my arrival time but it doesn’t help. If I show up 30 minutes earlier, there is still some problem. Also, how can you be a good employee when you can’t make it into work on-time? It isn’t a problem for me because I have a nice boss but I wonder if others have encountered employment issues?

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