Saturday, January 08, 2011

Tempus Aeternum

I have been with my current job for a month and I still like it a lot. In my meeting with my manager this week, I asked if he had an idea when I could go perm. He told me that he can't bring me on full-time because it goes against his head count. But he also didn't say when my contract will end that's the up side. I asked a co-worker who just converted to full-time how long it took. For him, it took 2.5 years! But, then again, there was a huge economic crisis and the company had 2 rounds of lay-offs that he survived. Hopefully, if the economy is really recovering, it won't take as long for me because otherwise I'm in this temp state until someone from my department leaves. The job pays really well and being without benefits isn't too bad so far. Unpaid holidays and sick days aren't perfection but I can still afford my own health benefits (as long they don't jack up the premiums again). I'm staying put betting on an improving economy but also keeping an eye out for any full-time perm opportunities.

Speaking of, a cold has been making its way through my department. When I started last month, one woman had the cold and I caught it last week which I thought I had kicked out of my system. Lo and behold, I have my annual evil sinus infection and the guy who sits next to me is suffering too. He took a sick day Monday and I took a sick day Thursday. Friday, we joked about punishing the original sick girl. I came up with a pillow stuffed with used tissues. My manager is all about natural cures and vitamins so he has been espousing about the bonuses of echinacea. I am a little cynical about natural cures but he did mention an interesting option for my spring allergies: quercetin. I might check that out! Right now, I am rocking the neti pot, Zpack, a humidifier, and Advil allergy and sinus (which is AWESOME BTW)

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