Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oscars 2011, My Reaction

Okay, I admit the recent "Wayne's World" skit on SNL kinda put this movie on my radar. The movie itself looks gorgeous and has excellent performances but it is depress-o-rama. Like The Hours level of depressing.

I have never seen the John Wayne version. This movie was definitely good. I couldn't understand half what Jeff Bridges said because of the accent and he was drunk half the movie. The young actress Haley whats her face is really excellent. But the breakout for the movie was Matt Damon. I had no idea it was him until much later.

It's tough to like a movie without a protagonist that follows a bunch of rich pricks. I did find the movie really interesting and Andre Garfield was excellent and the only sympathetic character.

I can't be unbiased about this movie at all because I grew up with a family member who stuttered and I had a speech impediment after my stroke that took me years of work to get over. Also, I am in love with Colin Firth and I am a history major. Love, love, love this movie. I laughed, I cried, and I cheered.

Here's a little secret about this movie - it's not really about fighting. The fighting is basically the background/setting. That really surprised me. The accents weren't that bad. Christian Bale's was the best. He did do an amazing job. I have a soft spot for Melissa Leo because of Homicide, Life on the Streets. I initially felt back that Mark Wahlberg got no awards love for this passion project but really his performance was just there holding up the picture so everyone else could ACT.

Ehh, nothing too amazing about this movie unless you're still in the OMG lesbians have children phase of your life. Mark Ruffalo is still sexy as hell. Julianne Moore's character bugged the crap out of me but I think that was the point.

This is the first movie where I realized that James Franco is a good actor. He totally carried it and kept me wrapped up in the ordeal. Also the movie is a good fakeout horror. You know eventually, he'll hack off his arm so every time he handles a knife or anything sharp, you hide behind your hands and think, "This is it! Hack central." Many fakeouts. I love Danny Boyle's directing style. The actual hacking is very gruesome and is not for the faint of heart.

I love how crazy and off-kilter this movie is. Just when you think you have seen the most messed up thing possible, the next scene breaks the record of fucked uppedness. Natalie did do a great job but I kinda wish it wasn't in a campy horror fairytale. Save those chops for serious roles kiddo!

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