Monday, March 07, 2011

Cat Number Two

Yup, that's the update for my life currently. Other than the fact that my current job assignment is contracted until Oct. 31 and my supervisor would like to extend that date.

So, I am financially stable and working full-time. Plus, Ras got spoiled for adjusting to my new schedule thanks to the holidays, blizzards, and my various illnesses and injuries. Yeah, March is the first month where I will be working full-time in the office for four weeks! Therefore Rasputin has been a brat lately. It doesn't seem to matter how much attention and play I lavish on him when I get home. He just gets restless and acts out. Those shenanigans made me start thinking that he might benefit from having a companion. He hasn't been around other cats since his litter. I crunched some numbers and looked critically at the space my apartment provides. This weekend, I visited the Quincy Animal Shelter and fell in love with three cats. I have a first pick and second pick of course. It is so sad that since they're shelter cats, there is no way to guess age based upon size. All 3 looked like one year olds but 2 were seven or eight years old. I definitely want short hair and female since the articles say opposite sex is a better pairing.

I have set up a safe room to help both cats with introductions. At first, I thought using my bedroom would be a good idea since the door is glass but then I remembered that Ras loves sleeping with me. So yeah, that would be a bad way to introduce the new cat by taking away Ras' sleepy snuggle time! The plan is to fill out the paperwork tomorrow night and take the new cat home Saturday morning to use all weekend to get both cats settled. Also, I would like to call the new cat Stella.

As I was doing research about introducing cats and talking to shelter volunteers, I have scaled down my expectations about how Ras will react to Stella. If they tolerate each other, that would be fine. Playing and grooming each other, can be a dream until summer. Of course expect many pictures here. I am definitely not going to go crazy cat lady/hoarder. I think two is my limit!

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