Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living in the Animal Kingdom

Stella has been home for five days and I think things are going well. It has been fun getting to know her and see her getting used to her new living quarters. The first day (Saturday) was all in her safe room (the bathroom). I'm glad that she liked the hidey hole bed I made for her in the under sink cabinet. Also, the blanket I used for bedding I slept with for a couple days so she gets used to my scent and associates it with comfy sleepiness. Stella and Ras did catch a glimpse of each other that day. Stella hissed and growled and Ras responded. She also let me pick her up and cuddle her Day 1. She was purring her heart out too...

Day 2 was free roam day. Rasputin didn't realize Stella was still around so when he realized that "She is still here!!!" he tore from one end of the apartment to under my bed. Stella spent the morning mainly in the kitchen basically finding every spot Rasputin likes. More hiss growling if Ras tried to approach. She's a total bully cat and Ras is this cowed wimp even though he's three times her size. At one point Stella decided to chill out on a shelf behind all my wine glasses and some crystal. Apparently, I have the skills to diffuse a bomb because I was able to move all the glasses away from a skittish cat without breaking anything. Day 2 was when I started cataloging Stella's quirks. Catnip does nothing for her meanwhile it gets Ras stoned. Both of them hate the chicken wet food I bought for them. Also, both of them are fascinated by running water. Stella only likes petting and scritches around the face - don't venture near the body. Ras is more hands-on.

After consulting fellow multi-cat owners, I decided to keep Stella in the safe room for the workday Day 3. Rasputin seemed fine with that. Day 3 is when Stella took over the living room and snuggled down in Ras' sleep spot.
I guess Stella is able to find all of Rasputin's spots because they reek of him and maybe she wants to get her scent there too? But I have to say if you forget that they're cats, she's a little bitchy!

Day 4 (Tuesday) started with me not being able to find Stella all morning. I knew the apartment was shut up tight so she had to be somewhere. Finally giving up, I started getting ready for work then lo and behold there is Stella snuggled up in the furthest corner of my bedroom closet! Aww... all three of us slept in my bedroom... There was no way I would be able to get Stella out and shut up in the safe room without profuse injury to me and trauma to her so I decided to let her stay put (propping open the closet door with a hamper). When I got home, it was so nice out I was able to open a lot of windows. Stella and Ras got to have their window time in their own windows on opposite sides of my bed. Rasputin is definitely more open to hang out and inspect Stella. Stella is more stand-offish and hisses/growls when he approaches. It's so funny when I'm just sitting in the living room I see Stella walk by the doorway and about 10 paces behind her follows Ras. He's like a Queen Consort! I tried to have some bonding playtime with Stella last night but she wasn't into it. Sadly, Ras saw the jingle stick toy and tried to play but Stella hissed him away. I was like, "Um, okay diva so you don't want anyone else to play and yet you don't want to play?" I did get those two to get along with treats. They were within one foot of each other without drama!

This morning (Day 5) Stella was in her hidey closet bed but came out when I found her. She seemed in a lot cheerier spirits. She even played with a toy I bought her!

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