Sunday, March 27, 2011

Soap Corner

I have been a General Hospital fan since I was ten. My mom and I used to watch it together. That was around the Duke and Anna era. My mom and her mom used to watch the show together as well. So, it’s kind of a family legacy. I used to schedule my college classes around GH. The girls on my floor and I would watch and weep as Stone died by inches or when Liz got raped. My mom and I would have long phone calls discussing Carly’s latest lunacy. I was a fairly regular watcher up until 1999/2000 because I had my first full-time job and DVRs didn’t exist then. Sure on sick days or holidays I caught an episode or two. I fell back into regular watching around 2007-ish when A) I got my first DVR and B) I went through my first lay-off and C) The text message killer was about to be caught on the show.

Not a lot has changed. Jason and Sonny are still in a mob that deals.... coffee? Yeah, that was always vague. I miss a bunch of old characters that were either written or killed off like Laura, Bobbie, Monica, Scotty, Alan, Lucy, Kevin, and Tony. Lucky is back to original recipe (Jonathan Jackson) after a bunch of awful recasts. Carly is also still around but I realized that I only liked the character as played by Sarah Brown. Nowadays, I wind up fast-forwarding her scenes because she's a one-note and unsympathetic. I adore Alexis and her family plus Kristina's abuse storyline was really well told and riveting TV. I basically grew up with Robin so she can do no wrong. The whole Fatal Attraction arc was pretty good but once Lisa got back from Shadybrook, she became lame. Franco sucks - complete fast-forward material. Sadly the same is true for Brenda's drama. I was so excited about her return! I remember the danger and romance of her original stint on GH. But the writing is so bad and I'm sorry Vanessa Marcil still has the same acting quirks (what the hell is up with her sleeves?) I gotta say, this Jake storyline has been pretty good so far (even though it's a complete rip off of BJ's heart). The whodunnit part kept me guessing and when we found out, I gasped out loud. It is going to be sooo good (and horribly painful)!

It's also fun finding General Hospital fans out there. We can discuss characters like they are long-lost friends. One of my co-worker's wives watches GH so he is in the know. We discussed Jake's death and I blew his mind that the guy who plays Nicholas got fired. Speaking of, Liz aka Rebecca Herbst, was fired but enough of her fans went ape-shit so she was hired back. Can we do that with Laura please?

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Anonymous said...

I watch GH too! Back in the early 90's and then consistently since 2002. So addicting :)