Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things Fall Down

If you were on the outbound platform at South Station on Monday around 5:10 PM, you would have heard a woman screaming hoarsely like she was being murdered. As you rushed toward the sound, you saw an older woman prone on the lower stairs yelling and a younger woman above in a green coat clinging to the hand rail.

I was that younger woman in the green coat. Here is what happened. I was walking down to the platform ready to go home. I had had a really good day so I was thinking to myself, "La, la, la. going home..." I noticed the lady in front of me was going down the stairs with a black cane. She was moving pretty strongly and I admired that. Then all of a sudden I was really close to her and the world went sideways.

Yup, I fell down a couple stairs at South Station and I took out a lady with a cane. Bystanders were really nice. I had clung onto the railing so hard I had wound up lying facing up the stairs. The cane lady's screams were really freaky so I asked one of my first responders, "Oh God, is she okay?" The response was, "She's there." As I collected myself, I saw dozens of people were looking at me and the human wrecking ball devastation I had left. Very embarrassed, and in pain, I carefully made my way down the rest of the stairs. I was able to apologize to cane lady who said she was fine, just shaken. Since I have such a uniquely green coat, everyone on the platform knew who I was. A couple asked me if I was okay. I had shooting pain in my right ankle and stabbing pain if I moved it a certain way.

Now, it's two days afterward and my ankle is a bit tender but is usable. The whole RICE thing saved the night and helped me recover. I do have a ton of bruises and very sore back from where I landed on the stairs. I am so relieved the cane lady is fine! Plus, it is kinda funny when you think about it...

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