Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quincy Road Construction Nightmare

I drive through the intersection above every single day. It wasn't designed in the best manner taking into account Quincy drivers' temperament and traffic flow. The Quincy driver temperament is "I don't care about right of way, here is my horn, I am in a rush everywhere." Stop signs are mere suggestions and blocking intersections is par for course. Also, it is not unusual to see a car pissed at the long line of cars ahead of him, bombing down the wrong side of the street so he can take his precious turn.

Thanks to road construction, this intersection has turned into this:

A 5 way intersection - oh joy! Initially there were cops directing traffic (and finally taking notice that no one heeds the stop sign from Mechanic St.) Now, there is no help. So driving errands I need to check my right, my left, and my left to get through this mess. I can't figure out why there needs to be a 10 foot thick berm in front of the Greek Orthodox church. I wonder if this is just the beginning of Quincy driving adventures thanks to the revitalization project?

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