Friday, May 20, 2011

Time to Shut Up and Heal

You will not believe what happened last Sunday. I fell. AGAIN. My knee is pretty messed up. AGAIN. I worked from home for two days AGAIN. Apparently, if I injure the same area three times in four months, I finally am willing to admit that I need serious medical help. After an appointment with my orthopedist and X-rays, it has been decided that physical therapy is in order. If that doesn't help, I'll need an MRI/cat-scan for soft tissue damage.

I guess my body doesn't like me being stingy on healthcare so I'm going to suck up the physical therapy bills and make sure I get better. I have a $2,000 deductible on my health insurance so they will cheap out on my physical therapy bills up to $2K. I am planning on pitching a fit for every bill and demanding the logic for every denied payment. Terms like, "pre-existing condition" and "denial of service" will be used as bludgeons.

The main concern is if my falls are due to strength problems, balance problems, or stroke damage reaction delay. I also have figured out something new about my falls since I was looking for patterns. The last two tumbles happened 8 days after the end of my period. Ooh, I feel like House now! So hormone levels? Which lead to hypochondriac research and I really don't think it's menopause Mr. Internet, thank you.

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