Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Belated Update

Well, it has been a while! A lot has been going on lately so it has been tough to find time to write.

The first thing is a combination of good and bad. A department member left the team at the end of May. So, I assume you are thinking what I was thinking – job opening! Unfortunately, the department head refused to place a new hire requisition. Guess who wound up with all the exiting analyst’s work? Me! On the up side, I am making mad money through overtime. Plus, I am making myself essential to the team. On the down side is that I am swamped and not doing my best work. Plus, if I can handle all this, what else are they going to dump on me?

I also started doing physical therapy last month. I think it has been going really well. At my first assessment, my extreme flexibility was noted. That has been the problem all my life – I am bendy like Gumby but not strong like Arnold so I fall really badly with limbs going wrong ways. The cool thing is I am doing new PT exercises now. It’s not all using a towel stretching or lifting a purse with your leg. There is a cool variety of routines! I like one therapist. The other I haven’t met with as often but he bad-mouthed my rehab physical therapy for my stroke. That didn’t make me feel too great. It’s like “Gee, thanks for pointing out what I should do when I get a time machine. My shoulder will thank you for being in its socket.”

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