Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crazy Goodness

I have been back at work for the past three weeks. The first week I tried crutches. It was no fun at all. I wound up in more pain from my back than my knees! After some consultation with my physical therapist, I moved onto a cane. Of course I got some crazy pink and purple flowered number. One must add a hint of color! Again, I should praise my fellow T commuters. I only got one jerk who gave me a hard time about giving up her seat. Most people volunteer, with me having to ask! On the flip side, I have to gripe about MBTA maintenance workers for choosing to "fix" perfectly fine escalators during the peak commuting hours - kinda a pain for a person with limited mobility guys!

The last couple weekends I've been able to go swimming which has been awesome. Last weekend, it was at a family graduation party with a pool. I was a good girl with Irish skin - rocking the SPF. But I did wind up with a slight browning and no burn so score! This weekend, I got to swim in Falmouth as I stayed with family/friends in Pocasset. We hit the beach at high tide which was beyond awesome. Of course, there was a couple feet of painful rock/shells then boom waist deep water. And a couple feet more, up to the neck. I wasn't so smart with the sun lotion this weekend so I'm rocking the salmon pink shoulders, arms and legs. My new bathing suit was pretty awesome.

Both swimming opportunities came with awesome cookout food. This weekend, it was magically delicious corn on the cob. I love pretending that I am an old fashioned typewriter as I'm eating a cob. Also, I need to buy Jack Daniels BBQ sauce ASAP! Last weekend, there were amazing steak tips and grilled peppers. Yellow peppers are my favorites.

Plus, we have all survived horrible 103 heat wave affliction, saw some awesome thunderstorms (I saw dozens of bolts of lightening as I drove to the Cape), and have a decent temperate week to look forward to!

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