Friday, July 29, 2011

Extended Vacation

My contract has ended and I'm unemployed again. This comes after a week where I was told that my job was secure and everyone loved me. And also after a week where I discovered that vlookups in Excel aren't fool-proof. Apparently if you have files in two versions of Excel, vlookups don't link properly. Which leads to errors in reports. Tuesday, I was given a stern warning to "be better". Thursday night, my staffing rep left me a message to not go into work Friday. You know what's sad? I had been in one foot out the door temp mode for months but I got lulled into security by this job. Hell, I even brought in pictures of my family! I was nesting! Now this happens.

This morning, with absolutely no contact with my former employer, I swapped off my id for a cliched box of desk belongings. Yeah, I was that chick riding home on the red line with a box of work shoes, family photos, and sundry toiletries. No, some rich business dude did not give me his card and offer me a job after observing the box o' rejection. Rich business dudes don't ride the red line at 11:30 AM. That would have been awesome, right?

After some initial freaking out, and yet another encounter with a rude MA unemployment employee (seriously do these people get any training?), I am in list making moving on mode. For a moment there, I was worried that I would have to give up Stella if I couldn't afford a second cat. That has been tabled on my list of worries. First order of business, quite obviously being an analyst is not a job for me. It doesn't matter how much I enjoy working with numbers and diving into Excel, this is my fourth round of unexpected unemployment as an analyst.

So, what does that leave me? I have a history BA and MBA and that lines up with a career how? Again, I am annoyed that I don't have a calling. I thought being an analyst was that because how I got so wrapped up in data and completely nerded out, even on my own time, when trying to find patterns. Maybe my calling is research? Eh, I'll figure that out but for now I need a new job where I can actually excel and earn a living so I'm thinking of going back to being an admin. Maybe Officer Manager or Admin who wears many hats? I don't care. I just need a paycheck and benefits. No vacation days for almost two years people! Industry-wise, I would love to go back to non-profits. Investment banking is definitely not for me or for anyone after Aug. 2 - just sayin...

I will really miss my former co-workers. They were incredibly supportive and patient with me as I struggled to learn the industry and my reports. I will miss the laughs, coffee runs, swearing, and random music. They are good people. Too bad management is so shitty. I also wish there was a learning extractor now that my brain is chock full of useless security finance knowledge. Blah, blah demand spread, investment vehicles, blah, collateralization. Maybe this will help my Trivial Pursuit game?

You know what's sad? This looks like a doable job for me:

Hey, free booze.

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