Sunday, October 30, 2011

Apologies to My Mother

I have a feeling this blog title will be popping up kinda frequently as I get older.. This pioneering apology pertains to Play-doh.

As a little kid, I loved the stuff. I was a bit confused by the food making contraptions because Play-doh made such good looking fake food and yet you couldn't eat it. Also when I was little, my mother only allowed us to use Play-doh down in the basement because she told us that the smell gave her a splitting headache. Unfortunately, this Play-doh aversion was added to my Mean Mommy list.

Last night, I wound up playing with Play-doh for the first time in decades. I'm almost 35 and guess what happened? A POUNDING HEADACHE! I had to go to bed early with this pain in the middle of my forehead and behind my eyes. So, I'm sorry Mom. You were right. You weren't a Mean Mommy. I can't imagine functioning with that headache and two little kids...

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