Friday, October 21, 2011

What Am I Doing Wrong?

145 job applications, 10 rejections, 3 interviews over 85 days (approximately 3 months). This has been the most discouraging job hunt period I've had for the past several years. Everyone from recruiters to job specialists at the Unemployment office love my resumes. I've been told that I am doing everything right. But what the hell? I'm applying to a variety of positions from analyst to administrative to grocery stores (with target resumes and cover letters of course). I am even willing to take a huge salary hit just for decent health insurance. Speaking of, my insurance is so bad, I am avoiding going to the doctor because even a simple blood panel costs me $160.

The other day, I got an email from a company I had applied to. I saw the subject heading and got all excited and then I read the email. It was addressed to "Wendy" asking to set up a phone interview. Hoping it was just a typo, I wrote back explaining their error and indicated which time slot would work for me. Guess what? They didn't even want to interview me, it wasn't a typo!

Today, I stayed in bed for hours because what's the point of getting up? Applying to more jobs where I hear nothing back? My cats got me out of bed.

Unemployment fucking sucks.

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