Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fall 2011 TV Report Card

How I Met Your Mother - I've given up on this show. I'm getting too impatient to meet The Mother to be interested in the minutiae along the way. Also, Barney's schtick is getting old.

Terra Nova - the pilot looked really pretty. I also liked how they explained away the historical repercussions by having it be an alternate timeline. And yet, domestic strife and dumb whiny teenagers kinda sucked away my interest

2 Broke Girls - I really enjoy this show. I think it's a timing thing since I am a broke gal. Also, the show is revealing the money saving and coping skills us poor folk have figured out. I've heard some people complain about the raunchy humor but they're prudes. It isn't THAT bad.

Castle - Nathan Fillion gets hotter with age. I like all the characters on the show so I space out on the procedural parts therefore I don't care who's the murderer. I'm enjoying the will they or won't they between Castle and Beckett. If they get together, I'm worried the show will be ruined.

Ringer - I'm an old school Buffy fan so I had to check this out. The pilot hooked me despite the hokey special effects. But watching episodes started feeling like homework to free up space on my DVR. Also, wearing a white couture outfit to dispose of a dead body - jigga what?? I'm all for trashy schlock but this is a chore.

New Girl - guess what? Zooey Deschanel plays the exact character in every role she has. So, I knew what to expect here. This is a pretty goofy, quirky show as long as Zooey's antics don't send you into a murderous rage. Because I watch this show, I was inspired to make my light bangs into full face framing fringe. Of course I botched it and my hair is much too wavy.

Raising Hope - I got into this show because season 1 is up on Netflix. It's cute, funny, and non-PC. Plus, Martha Plimpton rocks in everything she's in. I'm a sucker for large convoluted insta-families ever since "Eight is Enough".

Parenthood - see above about my love of large families. Mae Whitman who plays Amber is superb. Ironically, Lauren Graham, who plays her mother, is annoying as hell. I can't tell if it's the writing or the actress' tics/quirks.

Up All Night - I don't have a baby but enough of my friends and family do so I can appreciate the baby rearing humor. Also Will Arnett and Christina Applegate make an adorable couple with tons of chemistry. Maya Rudolph is good in small doses as an Oprah knock-off.

Modern Family - I love the Dunphies. Phil was my first love but Claire is getting better and better. I gotta say that Cameron and Mitchell are so passive aggressive and chemistry-free, I have no idea why they are together.

Criminal Minds - I am so happy that A.J. and Emily are back! Is it me or are the cases getting more gruesome? The mentally challenged murderer who attacked his niece was unbearable. Shallow aside, Hotch with a beard was incredibly HAWT without, he is way too gaunt.

Happy Endings - this is the best new ensemble comedy. Everyone has amazing timing and chemistry with each other. I had no idea how funny Eliza Cuthbert can be! Also, Damon Wayans son is in this and he kills every scene he's in. God, I can't pick a favorite actor/character - that's how good this show is.

The Big Bang Theory - upon a recommendation from a friend, I caught up on this show finally. I gotta say, it is really good if you are comfortable with your own nerd-dom. I find myself singing the Soft Kitty song at the oddest times. The addition of Amy and Bernadette have only improved the show because c'mon, Penny was the weakest character for so long.

Community - for some odd reason, this show doesn't do well in the ratings but it is hands down hilarious and packed with so many jokes it's on par with The Simpsons for rewatchability. Last season was a bit iffy on quality but this season has been solid. Episode 4, "Remedial Chaos Theory" should win some kind of comedy award. But the idiots in charge of NBC are yanking the show from their schedule for 2012. Hopefully, that doesn't mean cancellation! I'm willing to start a mailing campaign/boycott.

Parks & Recreation - I am so happy that I am Ron Swanson's type but sadly I am not named Tammy. April and Andy are my favorite clueless couple. Leslie and Ben are the best at destroying the U.N.

Grey’s Anatomy - I hate it when Derek is acting like a douche. I also have no idea how Meredith still has a job. If there is another gun man picking off cast members, take Arizona, April, Jackson, Teddy, and the Chief please. Owen can be wounded too - paraplegic would work.

Private Practice - this show is utter pure soapy crap. But, the intervention episode was astoundingly well-done. I credit the actors and especially Caterina Scorsone

A Gifted Man - I just watch this show for eye candy aka Patrick Wilson (and Pablo Schreiber).

Fringe - so many awesome twists and turns plus excellent acting. I'm pleased that Peter wasn't gone for long. I'm also developing a crush on Lincoln Lee. Another aspect of the show is that it's supposed to take place in the Boston area and it's fun to spot the hideous monster, disease, or anomaly that has popped up in your TV hometown. Needham hasn't been hit yet.

Grimm - the lead guy looks like somehow every actor who played Superman created a son. This show is really good at capturing the dark tone of Grimm fairy-tales. Eddie the werewolf is awesome comedic relief. Also Sasha Roiz, Capt. Renard, is my TV boyfriend. He spoke French in the last episode squee!

Once Upon a Time - this is the more kiddie friendly fairy tale show. It has me hooked because it's fun seeing real world counterparts for fairy tale characters. I'm waiting for Rapunzel and Pinocchio to pop up sometime!

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