Monday, December 05, 2011

The Garden of the Mind's Eye

Wow, it has been a while! Now, it's December - which blows my mind. November was a complete desert job-wise. No interviews, phone calls, or any interest. Also, the job search group I joined turned out to be just two older guys on the verge of giving up on employment so that was a bust. But, oddly enough, the second it turned into December, I got an uptick on interviews and phone calls! I'm telling you, 2012 is going to be the year when things pick up (it's just a coincidence that it's an election year). I'm all liberal, feminist and Independent Woman but I had been toying with the idea of placing an ad for being a housewife as long as the guy likes cats and can enroll me in his health insurance. Yeah, transactional marriage didn't go the way of the dowry...

I'm back in therapy and it has been going pretty well. My goal going back was talking out ways to get myself out of a deep depression from unemployment. Of course, that was addressed and now there are a whole plethora of other issues to address - whee! Therapy ain't like food shopping unfortunately. I went in with a basket but now I need a cart. My medication is getting a bit adjusted. Celexa hasn't pooped out but just needs some kind of propping. Actually tinkering with brain meds while unemployed is kinda the best situation! God, I can't imagine navigating side effects while on a new job. Ha, twitching eyes, vomiting, or profuse sweating in the workplace might creep people out.

With this new focus on mental health, I went shopping at Michaels looking for a hobby or a nice soothing distraction. Lo and behold, I discovered the beads aisle and went to town! I made a simple strung necklace for Thanksgiving and got so many compliments, I started seriously thinking of learning more about jewelry making and setting up an Etsy shop. I'm starting slow, learning wiring techniques and building up my tool-set. I made earrings and a matching necklace for my mom which she loves (and she doesn't give empty praise so I know I'm onto something). The way I made her jewelry, I knew her birthstone is an Emerald and her mother was a sapphire. My mom misses Grandma every day so I thought about combining those color schemes to soothe and keep Grandma close. It worked!

The other activity that has been keeping me sane is singing with the Quincy Choral Society. It's a fun and diverse group of people and I absolutely love the music we're singing! My favorite is Rihards Dubra's "Cantata In Nativitate Domini". I had never heard of him before but his music is so tough and haunting - using almost Middle Eastern chords (and yet he's Latvian).


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about taking up jewelry making (just as a hobby, not on Etsy or anything). Have you been able to pick up on it fairly fast? I'm afraid I wouldn't the coordination :)

AnnaB said...

Actually, there are a ton of sites out there with instructions and design ideas. It is pretty easy to pick up!