Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ringing in the Year

I know, I know it has been a month. So, apologies all around. It wasn't like I didn't have the time to blog, I didn't get around to it.

The Good
  • The Medical Security Program is now covering 80% of my monthly premium. No more loans from my retired fixed income father - woohoo! Also, I had help figuring out the paperwork and submission process from my local career center. So I highly recommend sucking up pride and using them as a resource!
  • My chorus concert went amazingly well. Standing ovations and an additional arts grant! My parents were blown away. They have schlepped to all my performances over the decades. This is the first one that had them gushing praise with awe in their eyes.
  • My Xmas weekend was really nice. I got to see a bunch of family, had good laughs, and my mother and brother outdid themselves with our family holiday dinner. I also got great gifts!
  • I had an amazing New Years weekend. I attended this event. Fell in love with Stowe, VT and met a bunch of great people. Otter Creek IPA is a stout that tastes like a lager. Also Switchback is a great non-hoppy brew. By the way, Vermont's unemployment rate is 5.3%...
  • Two job possibilities in the fire.

The Middling

  • Over the holidays, my brother introduced me to a video game called Skyrim. If you liked Game of Thrones, you'd like this. The graphics looks like those mini-movies in video games but now you can play in the movie! It's even fun watching someone else play. My brother's main avatar is a cat person. So on one fun booze fueled play demonstration, he went on a killing spree fus ro dahing everything. So we made up a song called "Murder Cat". Ugh, I am soo tempted to buy a PS3 but I am poor...
  • I'm taking a new medication in addition to Citalopram. The goal is that this medication will dial down impulsivity and even me out. I'm not thrilled to add to my morning pills but so far Lamotrigine seems to have calmed me down by making me tired so it takes longer for me to make decisions. Buying mental time. But I really have to be careful drinking with this drug combo. I have no tolerance and hangovers are wicked.

The Bad

  • I was sick for three weeks with a head cold that settled into my chest. I finally made a doctor's appointment and was put on a new (for me) anti-biotic, Doxycycline. I recovered in time for Xmas but it took a while to get rid of the wheezing and night sweats.
  • I had a horrible job interview where I completely crashed and burned. It wasn't set up in the way I was told. It was two hours and group behavioral interviews. I was fine in the first group. I used solid examples and got to the point. But then I had to wait 45 minutes for the next group sitting in a lobby with the other potential candidates. And I stupidly decided to try to use new examples so I wouldn't be repeating myself. One lady in this group very obviously did not like me so I got rattled and wound up babbling a lot. Surprise, I didn't get the job.
  • I broke my right kidney. Holiday excess put a huge strain on my kidney so this week I'm cutting sugar, upping water and cranberry juice. I thought I had just strained my back but after talking to my mom, she suggested it could be my kidney. Lo and behold a change in diet diminished my pain!

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