Wednesday, January 04, 2012

You Should Buy These ASAP!

Remember how I fell three times last winter and completely wrecked my knees winding up in PT for months? Since I had no plans on moving to Florida, I did some research on what gives the best traction in the winter. So I bought these babies back in August.

My goodness, YaxTrax are simple amazing! I used them all the time for my Stowe weekend. I walked up to a ski lodge on packed snow with just my sneakers and my Trax. I also walked to a bar over melting ice in dress shoes and my Trax. You can walk like a normal person without any shuffling or teetering. Also, what would you rather pack? Boots or YaxTrax that lie completely flat. Just stuff a plastic bag in your purse and whip them off once you get inside. Warning, walking on tile or marble does feel like skating.

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