Saturday, February 11, 2012

Checking In

I'm alive. I hired a lawyer to help with my accident settlement so mums the word on that front. I'm hoping to get a new (to me) car this month. I am deciding between a Ford Focus or Chevy HHR. My last car, Gloria, was a 2001 Focus. She lasted ten years with barely any major repairs, got great mileage, and apparently had great safety features ( hi I'm alive and functioning). So a Focus is a known quantity. I am currently renting a HHR and fell in love. I love the design, roominess, and engine power. Plus, there are many awesome safety features. The only possible downside is that they're discontinuing the HHR model. On the flip side, it is a flex fuel vehicle so hello ethanol.

My temp job has been extended. I have worked at the company already four weeks and it sounds like I can depend on another two. I really love the job. At first it was a pure Excel database research job - like combing through thousands of lines to update addresses or business codes. The final touches were completed this past week. I got a lot of praise on my work and attention to detail. What? Yup, you read that correctly. I'm not a total flake who spaces on details now. After the last couple of rounds of unemployment, that skill has improved tenfold! Maybe it got better with experience? Self awareness? ADD medication? Or anxiety made me ask the right questions? I'm just glad I have improved on that front. Now, I am in numbers heaven with a project researching contract compliance under a new supervisor. Then, the company's head honcho wants my help next week. To recap, this job is allowing me to wow three supervisors. I really like the people I work with and my commute is a dream.

Finally, I have become addicted to this. Pinterest is the reason why I don't get to sleep on time and also why you might see me sporting new hairdos. At first, I really got into retro stuff and loved the walks down memory lane. Now I have 20 boards and 535 pins. Me now:

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