Monday, February 20, 2012

New Car and Cat Drama

Yesterday, I went to Enterprise with the plan of just test driving a couple cars. I basically feel in love with this 2010 Focus and signed all the paperwork. She's coming home Saturday Feb. 25. I picked Billie for a name since Billie Holiday sang the blues.

This past week, I had to take Rasputin to an emergency clinic since he had been struggling to pee for days and had licked his groin area raw. He's a big lovable lump so vet visits are never a hassle. In fact, the more compliant he is, the sicker he feels. He was checked out and it wasn't a UTI. He has feline idiopathic cystitis. The treatment is pain meds and muscle relaxants. He is doing a lot better now. And he is always great with medications.

On the other hand, Stella had a check-up Saturday. My lord, getting her into the carrier was a chore and a half! My hands were shredded stumps once I got her in. And the vet did not sedate her even though I had asked. So, when she got home, she was a traumatized hissing basket case. Sedation isn't just to help the vet, it's to help her with the exam! I had to keep her in her old isolation room. Rasputin wound up busting her loose (he is such a dope - Stella hisses and swipes him). She is slowly getting better.

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