Thursday, May 24, 2012

Manic May

Due to a problem with my unemployment claim, I had gone six weeks without any kind of income. With past due bills and rent looming, I applied for a job in a warehouse. It was a two week gig where I had to log boxes of medical records into an Excel worksheet. It wasn’t too bad. The commute was good, the work was doable, and my co-workers were nice. I didn’t like the moldy dank air or the darkness. It was money coming in – that was all I cared about. The second week, the supervisor went a little batty because there were technical problems with Excel and he had a looming deadline. That is when he had me lifting boxes and I agitated my neck injury. So, back to popping muscle relaxants and Vicodin in the evening, my dad convinced me to complain to management. I did and I only worked two days that week. I would have been pissed at the lost wages BUT….

I got a contract job that will last until at least year end!!! I started May 22. On top of that, the six weeks of unemployment was cleared up Thursday May 17. I had no feedback or discussion about my claim. That evening I logged into my online bank account and noticed the balance was HUGE. So those past due bills? PAID. Rent? COVERED. My refrigerator finally has something in it beyond condiments and water.

The new job has been nice. I like the people I work with and the work is interesting. It has been slow since I need to get up to speed on processes and background before I am given much to do. The commute can be fine or awful. I’m getting the hang of the timing. Also, I am getting over my fear of using the breakdown lane. I just hate how hairy it gets around exits if you want to go straight!


Anonymous said...

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AnnaB said...

I had to publish this spam anonymous comment. Too funny...