Saturday, June 02, 2012

La Cinematique du Loki

I have seen both Iron Man movies, both Hulk movies, Thor and Captain America so obviously I have seen The Avengers.  I liked the first Iron Man movie.  Both Hulk movies sucked.  I seriously loved Thor (which surprised me).  Captain America was boring and a chore to watch.  The second Iron Man was okay but Robert Downey Jr. played Tony Stark like a Tourettes patient on Ritalin.  I just wanted him to sit down and shut up!

I have actually seen The Avengers twice.  Why?  Because of this guy...

I thought he was decent in Thor but man somehow he completely stole the show in The Avengers!  This is him in Thor - 

Same guy shorter hair but somehow tamer and softer. I guess I like my villains batshit insane.  Also, you can't beat his amazing intro in The Avengers

Too bad Tom Hiddleston looks so goofy in real life

To sum up, more Loki please.  Also, good job Joss Whedon!  Can you bring back Firefly now?

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