Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First World Problems

The new job has been going really well.  I enjoy the work, the people, and all the newness.  The only thing that sucks is the commute coming home.  I guess that is what I get living in a city that is the crux of two highways plus a mall with two highway entrances.  I experimented with many different routes home and have whittled it down to two.  If I am in a rush or traffic is at an absolute standstill, I can take 28 to Chickatawbutt Road.  If my blood pressure is low and I have time, stop and go on 93N is the only option.  But what exit do I get off on?  Braintree/37 or brave dumb asses not knowing how to merge and people creating a lane in the breakdown to get to the Burgin Parkway/Washington Street exit?  I also have the option to take either Burgin or Washington.  Basically, my commute home is a decision tree fueled by emotions,  what reserves of patience I have, or where I am in the Game of Thrones audiobook. So wah, wah I have a job that has only one sucky aspect.

I have my annual summer cold.  Right now I am fighting to make sure it doesn’t morph into a sinus infection.  I had to take a sick day, or in the temp world also known as sacrificing hundreds of dollars to make sure that I won’t lose thousands in the future.  At 4 AM Monday morning as I was hacking up a lung, I had convinced myself that I got Eastern Equine Encephalitis from mosquito bites.  That’s how my ego and anxiety works.  If I have to be sick, it is something fantastical that makes the news because I’m sooo special.  Granted, I do have some experience in fantastical newsworthy ailments - hello swine flu 2010 and heart defect like Tedy Bruschi.  I’m sure fluids, rest and anti-histamines will knock this out of my system. 

I am barely using my DVR nowadays since it’s summer TV season and I have the crappiest cable package.  I have The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Futurama in my rotation.  I tried Longmire due to the Starbuck factor but it was too boring.  I have been able to catch up on the new True Blood episodes and I am really liking them!  The sense of humor and a lot of moving parts story-wise.  Also, shirtless/ naked Eric doesn’t hurt…  I also caught up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  My favorite episodes are “Dee and Dennis Go on Welfare” and “The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell”.  The last season of Dexter is under my belt too.  Ugh, it was really bad except for the last couple of minutes.  The last good opponent for Dexter was Trinity.  Ever since then, it has been downhill.   You know a season is bad when Masuka winds up winning you over. 

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