Thursday, September 06, 2012

Summer's Gone

Goodbye Flex Fridays, white shoes, traffic at a standstill Thursday afternoon onward, and sleeping fine under just a sheet.  Overall, this summer wasn’t too bad!  The heat waves were spaced out and I got ample opportunities to swim.  We did get some very dramatic weather and I loved it.  Nothing is more awe inspiring than a cold front blowing through,  blacking out the skies and thunder booming.  It was nice to have a regular job that I enjoy too.

I had to go back to physical therapy this summer due to lingering car accident issues.  Apparently if your entire torso gets torqued in an accident, you have to deal with nerve, muscle and tissue damage.  I’m getting trigger point injections to manage muscle spasms and pain on top of acupuncture and regular PT.  It’s so much better to address my injuries directly rather than popping a pill that keeps me housebound for the night.  My sternum and upper right torso were crushed by my seatbelt and interestingly enough cupping really helps with the pain.  That area can’t get injections unless I want a punctured lung so cupping has been a Godsend! I cannot express how awesome the picture above is!  Laughing through pain is good.

Also on a shallow point, I just heard the good news that Jason Morgan will be leaving General Hospital since the actor won't be renewing his contract.  I have hated his character for ages and that he will be off my screen for good (and hopefully dying a violent death) is making me happy.  Years of this blank faced orange troll haired character sucking up screen-time annoyed me to no end.  You gotta love the variety of his outfits!  One of my favorite message boards calls him the "roided goiter".


So adios asshole character who acted like his raped wife cheated on him (yeah he was one of "heroes" on GH).  General Hospital has been really awesome lately.  I actually watch the majority of the episodes, just fast-forward Sonny boringness.  I think part of the upswing of quality in the show is thanks to this guy - 

Todd Manning is THE BEST!  The actor, Roger Howarth, has a great energy and his ad-libs are hilarious. 

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