Monday, November 19, 2012

Sayonara Facebook!

Yup, I've deactivated my account after a couple months debating the pros vs. cons.
  • actually talking to people rather than assuming I know about their lives via pithy status updates
  • in real life, you don't have unfollow or hide update. You have to deal with people good, bad, and boring
  • no more game requests.
  • being a lot more productive and focused during the day
  • I will not be the person who checks in everywhere I go and only have half conversations with people as I scroll through my cell phone for status updates.
  • a political candidate won't hack my account to shore up "likes" and then lose the entire race. Take that Willard Mitt! I know, Facebook claims it wasn't hacking but user error. I call bullshit on that.
  • No more of Facebook's shady privacy updates, redesigns, and paranoia about who can see what about me.
  • C'mon, if your parents are on Facebook, that is a big effing neon sign!
It's sad how much Facebook took up my day. I was still composing status updates in my head today because I am sure all my rapt followers wanted to hear my opinion on this season's Walking Dead (awesome sauce). It got to the point that I wasn't getting out of it as much as I put into it. It is fitting that I left after the 2012 Election. Facebook was really great for the political season! I am free now.

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