Sunday, November 25, 2012

Employment Was Nice

Just in time for my birthday, I found out that my contract assignment will not be going perm and my contract will end mid-January. I did the whole angry, freaked out, why me thing. Now, I'm applying for jobs like an insane person. In theory the economy is improving plus applying for a job when you have a job tends to be more successful.

My ultimate goal is a full-time perm job with benefits. But I am also considering cobbling together a bunch of part-time jobs to survive. Also, I have given myself until March 2013 to get the job situation squared away or I'll move in with my parents. I don't know if I have any unemployment left or I would have to open a new claim. On the up side of living with my parents, the money worries would be lessened like 60%.

I love how my current company is keeping departments so lean, the employees are working themselves ragged plus the company reported a nice quarterly profit margin. Hey CEOs, how about sacrificing some of those billions to become a job creator? Here are some of my skills so if there are any jobs out there, let me know!

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