Tuesday, December 04, 2012

If the names Cesar Faison, Duke Lavery, Ned Ashton, and Anna Devane mean anything to you, keep reading. Guys, I cannot gush enough about how awesome General Hospital has been for the past month! So many old school characters have been brought back, I feel like I just got home from high school and am watching the show I watched when I was a teen! Last week I didn’t automatically delete episodes from my DVR. I actually rewatched them. The fast-forward button on my remote is getting a nice break! I literally squealed like a stuck pig when Ned showed up at the Quartermaine crypt to comfort his mother. He’s still hot and those dimples are scrumptious….
I started watching General Hospital with my mom when I was ten. This is right around the time of Anna and Duke’s romance. Frisco, Sean, Tiffany, and the whole WSB/DVX thing. I hazily remember some crazy lady dressed as a nun named Tonya possibly? The height of my soap obsession was the 90’s. Oh Jagger, Brenda, Karen, and Lois… I used to schedule my university classes around GH. I loved it when Carly came to town because I’m a sucker for troublemakers who knock people off their pedestals. The whole Ryan Chamberlain/Kevin evil twin thing was up my alley.

When I came back to regularly watching the show, it was horrible. Half the Quartermaines were dead, there was a fifth recast for Carly. Sonny was going on about his bitches and whores. Jason blinked and was orange. The hospital was barely shown unless someone got shot. For some reason Luke Spencer had morphed into Benny Hill along with wacky music.

I would like to say that General Hospital turned the corner into awesome once Jason was killed off. Suddenly, Sonny is only on the show once a week. Ladies over forty get scenes and are allowed to be awesome. The hospital is actually important and central! There are happy couples too. Not everything is angsty. Guys, Lucy Coe is coming back for the Nurse’s Ball! This is like a soap renaissance.

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