Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Come Wade in the Shallow End With Me

I know I’m a grown ass adult but I still tend to go through obsessions like I am a teen.  

Recently, my obsession has been focused on yummy British actors.  The newest one is this guy:

 He suffers from what I call the “Aragorn disease” where he looks hotter more scruffy.  Clean and put together?  Blech.  The actor himself is very charming in interviews and I love how aware he is about female characters on television shows here.

 If you’re a fan of Sleepy Hollow, I have to recommend io9’s reviews.  They are very insightful and funny.  Also, if you have become a Tom Mison fan, he was on episode 1 season 1 of “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”.  You’re welcome.

This guy has been my mainstay crush for a couple years.  I do have to admit that I thought he looked like an alien when I first saw him.  Then, I realized the power of those cheekbones…  The only reason why I watched the new Star Trek was because of him.  By the way, the PR on his character was completely screwed up.  Why outright lie to the audience?  Beyond good looks, he comes across as humble, intelligent, and a deep feeling person.  

It helps that he always talk about wanting to have kids.  Um, you and I are the same age.  Combine my Hungarian cheekbones and yours, we will have a superhuman race!  But they will be gingers so that could wind up kinda creepy…

 Finally,  Thor; The Dark World has kicked this up a notch.

 I'm noticing a pattern now, gingers who darken their hair.  I call the Thor movies the, "Wait for this blonde guy to get off the screen until Loki" movies.  I've watched The Avengers a million times because how awesome a villain he is.  I'm also watching the Hollow Crown BBC series for him.

The funny thing is that I saw "Midnight in Paris" where he played F. Scott Fitzgerald and it was only after The Avengers, it clicked!  I should probably check out War Horse and The Deep Blue Sea.  Also, anyone in London, he's going to be in Coriolanus on stage (blue shirt pic above is him in rehearsal).

I'll leave you with this very important PSA.

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