Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Make Ourselves Miserable or Make Ourselves Strong

I had an epiphany today.  For the last couple of years, I've had to deal with chronic pain from the car accident injuries.  I had trouble with daily tasks and went to physical therapy 3 times to address the muscular skeletal issues.

Guess what I did today?  I shoveled a good third of my apartment's driveway.  I am not lying prone on a heating pad or popping pain pills.  Sure, I'm sore but I'm not this fragile pain-wracked shell anymore.  I made sure I was smart about the shoveling and man it's so nice to be surprised by your own strength!

Hmmm... could that become a metaphor for my current job situation?  Yesterday was the day I let myself cry and feel emotions about the lay-off.  I got two phone calls from recruiters yesterday and since I was in my feely space, I wound up crying on the phone with them.  One gentleman was quite simply amazing.  He told me that it's okay to be upset and that I have an amazing background with a lot of experience.   I told him that I needed that recorded so I could play it on repeat and thanked him for his kind words. I have an interview with him tomorrow.  The human touch helps so much in these situations!

And since I am a numbers gal, I find a lot of comfort in analysis.  So, I developed a breakdown of my days of employment versus unemployment by company since my first lay-off in 2007.  The most recent is on top.

So, from the above you can see I have two recent jobs that have lasted for quite some time (with the 63 day blip in between).  And the most recent span of unemployment is just two months that happened in 2012.  So, the job market is probably not back at 2005 levels but there is improvement and you can see it from my experiences.  

I'll weather this latest challenge and let's say my goal is to land a job that lasts more than 611 days?  Since my body can heal and get stronger, my career can too!

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